From Me to You – August 2010

Posted by Brother Jacob on August 21st, 2010

Brother Jacob’s Blog – August 2010









As you know, I am an older preacher.  I told someone the other day (as a joke) that I went into an antique store, and they tried to sell me.

It is true that I am old by worldly standards, but I believe that I understand today’s youth very well.  I understand their frustration with this modern world, and their rebellion.

Not too many years ago, young people knew that they only had to work hard to become “a success”.  The rules were pretty much the same for everyone.  These young souls were the hope of the nation.

This has all been changed.  It has changed, and, in my opinion, not for the better.

Now, I am not one of those who cling to the past.  I truly love modern technology.  I am grateful that I no longer have to chop wood to stay warm.  I am grateful for modern automobiles, cell phones, computers, and the clear image on flat screen T.V.

What I am not grateful for is the compromise with darkness that has occurred through our struggle to become “politically correct”.

Dear One, due to the lack of firm guidelines, our youth today do not know who they are, or what to do to be successful.

They have their own language on text and Twitter.  Adults have not bothered to learn these new patterns of communication.  The youth, as a result, feel alienated, and on their own.

The youth of this great nation are no longer the hope of this great nation.  Rather, they have become “a market”, and they know it. 

The generation above them has all but abandoned the family for the pursuit of material goods.

Mom and Dad, if there is a Dad around, are both busy working.  They are busy trying to make ends meet, and to collect as much material goods as possible.

As a consequence, the youth have not been churched, God is not in the schools, families seldom have prayer, or meals together, and our children are mostly on their own.

Our heroes were once great statesmen.  Today the youth create heroes out of celebrities.  Think of what I am saying to you.  They strive to be like the celebrities on television and in the movies.  They have few rules to live by, they (for the most part) don’t know God, and they realize that they are considered a market.

The youth of today feels  lost.  Wouldn’t you? 

They form family substitutes we call “gangs”.  They run into drugs to escape their despair.   They sell drugs, and commit criminal acts, because they see no future for themselves. 

I want it clearly understood that I do not want to turn the clock back.  There are two reasons for that.  1. We cannot.  And 2. Those times were not as wonderful as some would have you believe.

What we must do is to quit compromising our youth to the world.  The family must be restored!  Churches must stop compromising the gospel at the altar of church growth, and we must learn their new language, meet them on common ground, and extend the love of Christ to them.

Above all, we must let them know that, with Jesus, everything is going to be alright.

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